Our lab is led by Professors Ramesh Govindan and Barath Raghavan at the University of Southern California. We currently have 10 graduate students working within our two lab rooms. The lab conducts its research in the fields of Systems and Networking and has become well known in the research community. Our recent research spans many areas, including crowd-sensing, program analysis, privacy-preserving Systems, network design and management, software-defined networking, cloud computing, and Internet measurement.

The lab can offer you a chance to work on exciting problems in the field of networking and systems design with hands on experience. The lab has been well funded, allowing students to focus on their work without needing to seek external sources of funding, while also maintaining our facilities well equipped. In addition to having access
to the general computing resources made available by the University, the lab enjoys the flexibility of managing it’s own medium-sized server cluster, providing the necessary flexibility to experiment with new system or network designs. We also collaborate closely with leading industry and academic researchers, so students’ work often has practical impact, and students are exposed to collaborative research at an early stage.

The University itself is located near downtown Los Angeles. Research aside, life at USC is vibrant and fun. Los Angeles enjoys sunny weather year round and one can ski in the mountains, hike in the desert, and surf on the beach all within the same day. The lab fosters a fun working environment, encouraging such extra-curricular activities and in addition to the many lab members regularly join together for hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, or just getting together for the local LA nightlife. For more information, contact Prof. Govindan, or directly or email any other lab member for a student’s perspective.

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