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I received my Ph.D. from Networked Systems Lab @ USC. My advisor was Prof. Ramesh Govindan. During my Ph.D., I was also privileged with close collaboration with Prof. Konstantinos Psounis, and Prof. Marco Gruteser. My research focuses on networked systems problems at the intersection of mobile/edge computing, machine learning, and wireless networking. My thesis, titled “Networked Cooperative Perception: Towards Robust and Efficient Autonomous Driving”, presents systems and algorithms that enable cooperative perception among networked vehicles and infrastructure sensors that can substantially augment perception and driving capabilities. I am currently a postdoc at Stanford University advised by Prof. Sachin Katti.
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Minimum Cost Active Labeling
Hang Qiu, Krishna Chintalapudi, Ramesh Govindan
In submission.

Satyam: Democratizing Groundtruth for Machine Vision
Hang Qiu, Krishna Chintalapudi, Ramesh Govindan
Integrated into Microsoft Azure ML.
Used by researchers at UCSB, USC, UIUC, ARL across different disciplines
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[Featured in Microsoft Ignite 2019]

Select Publications [Full List]

CarMap: Fast 3D Feature Map Updates for Automobiles
Fawad Ahmad, Hang Qiu, Fan Bai, Ramesh Govindan

AVR: Augmented Vehicular Reality
Hang Qiu, Fawad Ahmad, Fan Bai, Marco Gruteser, Ramesh Govindan
ACM Mobisys, 2018. Best Paper Runner-up Award
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Kestrel: Video Analytics for Augmented Multi-Camera Vehicle Tracking
Hang Qiu, Xiaochen Liu, Swati Rallapalli, Archith J. Bency, Rahul Urgaonkar, B.S. Manjunath, Ramesh Govindan, Kevin Chan
ACM / IEEE IoTDI, 2018.

Towards Robust Vehicular Context Sensing
Hang Qiu, Jinzhu Chen, Matt McCartney, Yurong Jiang, Shubham Jain, Gorkem Kar, Donald Grimm, Fan Bai, Marco Gruteser, Ramesh Govindan
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (TVT), vol. 67, no. 3, pp. 1909-1922, March 2018.

Augmented Vehicular Reality: Enabling Extended Vision for Future Vehicles
Hang Qiu, Fawad Ahmad, Ramesh Govindan, Marco Gruteser, Fan Bai, Gorkem Kar
ACM HotMobile, 2017.

High-rate WiFi Broadcasting in Crowded Scenarios via Lightweight Coordination of Multiple Access Points
Hang Qiu, Konstantinos Psounis, Giuseppe Caire, Keith M. Chugg, Kaidong Wang
ACM MobiHoc, 2016.

CARLOC: Precisely Tracking Automobile Position
Yurong Jiang, Hang Qiu, Matthew McCartney, Gaurav Sukhatme, Marco Gruteser, Fan Bai, Donald Grimm, Ramesh Govindan
ACM SenSys, 2015.

CarLog: A Platform for Flexible and Efficient Automotive Sensing
Yurong Jiang, Hang Qiu, Matthew McCartney, William G. J. Halfond, Fan Bai, Donald Grimm, Ramesh Govindan
ACM SenSys, 2014.


Select Awards

  • Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship, Finalist, San Diego, USA, 2019
  • Best Paper Runner-up Award, ACM Mobisys, Munich, Germany, 2018
  • Viterbi Graduate Student Annenberg Fellowship, 2013~2017
  • Outstanding Winner, Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM), 2012
  • National Fellowship, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • First-Class Academic Excellence Scholarship of SJTU, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Academic Star of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2012
  • First Prize in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM), 2011
  • NSF / SIGMOBILE Travel Grants: ACM Mobicom’16, ACM Sensys’16, ACM HotMobile’17

Recent Talks

  • AVR @ Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Final, San Diego, California, USA, Apr 2019
  • AVR @ Intel’s Autonomous Driving CoP Workshop, Santa Clara, California, USA, Oct 2018
  • AVR @ SRC Techcon, Austin, Texas, USA, Sep 2018
  • AVR @ John Hopcroft Center, SJTU, Shanghai, China, Jun 2018
  • AVR @ ACM Mobisys, Munich, Germany, Jun 2018
  • Kestrel @ ACM/IEEE IoTDI, Orlando, Florida, USA, Apr 2018
  • AVR @ ACM HotMobile, Sonoma, California, USA, Feb 2017
  • CoBCast @ ACM Mobihoc, Paderborn, Germany, Jul 2016


Email: Fullname[at]usc[dot]edu

University of Southern California
941 Bloom Walk, SAL 227
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781