Jianfeng Wang


I’m a Ph.D student in the ECE Department at University of Southern California. I’m fortunate to work with Prof. Ramesh Govindan and Prof. Barath Raghavan in Networked Systems Laboratory (NSL). Before joining NSL, I obtained my B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and my B.A. degree in Economics from Peking University.

I am interested in Computer Networking and System research including SDN, NFV, and edge computing.


My recent projects are about developing networking systems with performance guarantees, especially on NFV (packet processing) systems. These systems allow users to specify packet processing intents in a simplified way, and enforce performance and scalability requirements by leveraging architecture supports and efficient algorithms at the controller, switches, NICs, and end-hosts.

Galleon: NFV with seamless isolation and FaaS-based scaling

Galleon is a FaaS cluster that deploys edge applications with auto-scaling, and is designed to optimize for NFV chains.

Galleon: Reshaping the Square Peg of NFV
Jianfeng Wang, Tamás Lévai, Zhuojin Li, Marcos Vieira, Ramesh Govindan, and Barath Raghavan
arXiv:2101.06466, 2021

Lemur: cross-platform NFV for meeting performance objectives

Lemur is a NFV framework that automatically places and executes NF chains across heterogeneous platforms, e.g. P4 switches, smart NICs, and servers.

Meeting SLOs in Cross-Platform NFV
Jane Yen*, Jianfeng Wang*, Sucha Supittayapornpong, Marcos Vieira, Ramesh Govindan, and Barath Raghavan (* equal contribution)

Chromium Network Congestion Analyzer (NCA)

Network Congestion Analyzer (NCA) is a Chromium network module. It captures and analyzes transport-level packet traces in the background and detects network congestion events in the mobile edge. It aims to export network congestion information for other parties (e.g., Chromium resource scheduler) to load web requests faster.

NCA is public. See here.

Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant (2016 – present)
Department of ECE, University of Southern California.

Research Intern (May 2020 – Aug 2020).
Google Inc, New York City, NY.
Mentor: Neal Cardwell

SWE Intern (May 2019 – Aug 2019).
Google Inc, Seattle, WA.
Mentor: Tarun Bansal

Selected Awards

  • Viterbi Graduate Student Annenberg Fellowship, 2016~2020
  • Excellent Research Award, Peking University, 2015
  • Peking University Carku Scholarship, 2015
  • Open Source Hardware and Embedded Computing Contest 2014, Finalist
  • Peking University SK Scholarship, 2014
  • Baidu Scholarship, 2013
  • Silver Medal, Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPHO) Final, 2011


Email: jianfenw[at]usc[dot]edu

University of Southern California
Department of Computer Science
941 Bloom Walk, SAL 227
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0781