Yitao Hu

I am a Ph.D. student in Networked System Lab at USC, luckily advised by Prof. Ramesh Govindan. I am interested in Cloud/Edge computing and GPU cluster management. I obtained my B.S. degree from SJTU advised by Prof. Xinbing Wang.

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Ongoing Projects

  • GPU cluster management
  • Scaling for data dependent workload

Selected Publications

Scrooge: A Cost-Effective Deep Learning Inference System
Yitao Hu, Rajrup Ghosh, Ramesh Govindan
ACM SoCC, 2021, to appear.
[Paper] [Slides]

Rim: Offloading Inference to the Edge
Yitao Hu, Weiwu Pang, Xiaochen Liu, Rajrup Ghosh, Bongjun Ko, Wei-Han Lee, Ramesh Govindan
[Paper] [Slides]

Olympian: Scheduling GPU Usage in a Deep Neural Network Model Serving System
Yitao Hu, Swati Rallapalli, Bongjun Ko, Ramesh Govindan
ACM/USENIX Middleware, 2018.
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ALPS: Accurate Landmark Positioning at City Scales
Yitao Hu, Xiaochen Liu, Suman Nath, Ramesh Govindan
ACM UbiComp, 2016.
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Critical Sensing Range for Mobile Heterogeneous Camera Sensor Networks
Yitao Hu, Xinbing Wang, Xiaoying Gan


  • Teaching Assistant, CS 353 Introduction to Internetworking, 2016 Fall.
  • Mentoring experience: Zheyu Shen (M.S.), Enbang Zhang (Summer Intern), Xiao Ze (B.S.).

Professional Experience

  • Research Intern, IBM Research Watson, 2016.
  • Research Intern, Samsung Research America, 2016.


University of Southern California
Department of Computer Science
941 Bloom Walk, SAL 224
Los Angeles, CA 90089

Phone: +1 213-300-1057
Email: yitaoh@usc.edu