Our lab produces research prototypes and datasets that can, and often are, used by other research groups.

Software Defined Networks:

DREAM (Github)

DREAM Dynamically allocates TCAMs among concurrent measurement tasks while maintaining sufficient accuracy. DREAM supports three types of measurement tasks: heavy hitter, hierarchical heavy hitter, and change detection. Each task dynamically reconfigures the allocated TCAM entries using OpenFlow rules to maximize its accuracy.

vCRIB (Github)

vCRIB (virtual Cloud Rule Information Base) automatically places access control rules on switches and servers with limited rule processing capacity while maintaining the semantics of the ruleset. Placing the rules not on the source of traffic forces them to forward traffic to another switch/server resulting in traffic overhead. vCRIB dynamically refines the rule placement to minimize the traffic overhead.

Internet and CDNs:

Mapping Google’s Expansion

For over a year and a half, we tracked the expansion of Google’s network. This expansion is designed to improve search performance, and Google’s infrastructure grew by almost an order of magnitude.

Mobile Computing:

SIF (Github)

SIF is a framework that let’s you instrument Android apps easily. This has several applications, ranging from understanding app behavior, collecting statistics, or even changing how apps behave.

PUMA (Github)

PUMA is a programmable UI automation framework for Android apps. Using PUMA, you can script “analyses” that can be used to study app behavior. PUMA runs each app automatically and collects information that can be used for analysis.

Medusa (Github)

Medusa makes it easy to develop crowd-sensing tasks (e.g., asking a number of mobile phone users to collect interesting sensing information, such as images).

MediaScope (Github)

MediaScope: Selective, timely retrieval of media content from a collection of mobile devices.

Wireless and Sensor Networks:

Several years ago, our lab conducted research in wireless and sensor networks. You can access software developed during these research projects using SVN on our old server.
Please use the following commands to check out the software of interest:

$> svn co

WCP: Wireless Control Protocol (SVN)

This module contains the Qualnet code (version 3.9.5), and the Click router code for WCP

Tenet: An Architecture for Tiered Embedded Networks  (SVN)

The Tenet stack consists of router, transport, task library, and application components for the Stargate and mote platforms. A network of nodes of these two platforms constitute our instantiation of a tiered sensor network. Please visit the ENL server to download Tenet and get started.

IFRC: Interference-Aware Fair Rate Control (SVN)

This package consist of tinyos modules for IFRC. The code is supported for Tmote Sky.

RCRT: Rate-Controlled Reliable Transport Protocol

RCRT software is part of Tenet system. It may not be included in the Tenet binary distribution, but it is included in the source distribution. Please checkout Tenet source code from SVN for RCRT code.

 GPSR for Linux PDAs (Available on SVN)

This software package consists of GPSR daemon, API, and a sample program.

CLDP+GFR ver-0.2 for the motes (SVN)

With this software that consists of 3 components, you can make applications over CLDP combined with geographic face routing (GPSR, Compass routing) running on the Mote.

Wisden Software ver-0.2 for MicaZ/Mica2 motes (SVN)

This software package includes Mote programs, Java applications and Vibration card driver for Wisden system.